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Areas Of Service

Meeting All of Your Organizing Needs

Productivity Coaching
$100 / hour

Organization and Productivity coaching services are available in person or via telephone. Package pricing is available.

  • Whiteboard Coaching – a great way to get a visual overview of where you are and why you feel stressed or overwhelmed.

  • Time Management – customized time management approach that helps you see where your time goes AND helps you live more deliberately.

  • Goal Setting – if you’re having trouble setting and reaching your goals, this service provides a sounding board,  accountability, and help prioritizing competing obligations.

  • Basic Marketing and Planning for Projects

Neat Storage Boxes

On-Site Organization, Home
$60 / 1 hour   |   $50 / hour  2-3 hour sessions
$45 / hour for 4-5 hour session

When Dee’s Declutter comes to your home, look for changes in more than just your level of clutter.

  • Maximizing Closet and Indoor Storage Space

  • Repurposing Rooms, Maximizing Efficiency

  • Creating and Maintaining Home Filing Systems

  • Real Estate Sale Preparation

  • Home Management Systems

On-Site Organization, Office
$60 / 1 hour   |   $50 / hour  2-3 hour sessions
$45 / hour for 4-5 hour session

If you’ve gotten behind on filing paperwork or if you’re ready to archive, Dee’s Declutter can help you reach the goal without adding another employee.

  • Filing

  • Inventory

  • Shredding

  • Filing Systems


Professional Speaker
$100 plus travel

Need a professional speaker about organizing, downsizing and decluttering?  Dee delivers a unique customized presentation tailored to the specific needs of your audience.  

  • Keynotes

  • Workshops

  • Panel Discussions

  • Seminars

  • Private Parties

Organized Cubicles

D.I.Y. Organization
$250 - 30 Days

This is the perfect option for people who need a plan of action for organizing on their own. Our professional organizer will do an onsite visit then provide a 30-day plan of action with 3 scheduled accountability phone calls. The client can also ask questions or get advice via text or email throughout the plan period.

  • Written 30-day action plan

  • Accountability phone calls

  • Email and text access to the organizer

  • Renewable every 30 days

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