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Conquering Paperwork:
The Not-so-Boring Illustrated Guide to Managing Your Overwhelming Amount of Paper

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   Dee's new book Conquering Paperwork: The Not-so-Boring Illustrated Guide to Managing Your Overwhelming Amount of Paper launched June 2023!

   If there’s a continuing theme as Dee helps her clients achieve a more peaceful and productive environment it’s the presence of an overwhelming amount of paper. People are drowning in it, and they generally can’t find what they need quickly. And when we need papers quickly, we need them RIGHT NOW!

   She wrote this book to help anyone who gets overwhelmed by the amount of paper in their lives. Her system is lighthearted and tolerant of our struggle with the overload of printed information.

   This book will help make your life easier and helps create a paperwork management system that fits your unique needs. We are growing, changing, dynamic beings and our systems should adapt to fit our needs . . . not the other way around.

Rethinking Roles, Goals, and Obligations

This interactive guide is available at 

   Most people think decluttering and organizing is all about stuff. It’s not. It’s about our attachments to stuff. And sometimes (like all the time) it’s about feeling obligated to keep stuff we don’t really need or want. Sometimes those obligations are internal – they come from our own mind and heart. Sometimes our obligations are external – requirements that are dictated by others. Both can be good for us – and both can obligate us to do, act or think in a way that inhibits personal growth.

   So, what’s a person to do? As an organizer and a lay counselor, I’ve discovered that most people who are disorganized, cluttered with stuff, and suffering from low productivity aren’t looking at their obligations (or their ability to say no).

   We have to live deliberately if we want a productive, goal-oriented, decluttered, peaceful life. In the following pages, I want us to look more closely at our roles and the Biblical obligations that come with them. A closer look will free us to set our own personal goals that can be prioritized, our own to do list that can be delegated, and our own vision for our future.

Roles Goals and Obligations
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