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Dee Selby Professional Organizer

A Little more About Dee

   Dee Selby is a professional organizer and productivity specialist with experience in life coaching, teaching, writing, editing, marketing, and public relations. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to create Dee’s Downsize and Declutter, a business focused on helping people have more peaceful and productive living and working environments.

   Several years ago, she was asked what she would do if she could do anything. She said she wanted to help people clean out their closets, organize their kitchen cabinets, handle backlogged filing, and positively deal with clutter! 

   It is difficult to decide what to do with your grandmother’s jewelry, mom's china, kids art projects, books and clothes that no longer fit. The attachment most of us have to our stuff is strong. Dee has an uncanny way of helping others let go or make important decisions about their stuff. She makes letting go easier by taking items and giving them a new home, primarily to non-profit organizations in the local area, including animal shelters, homeless ministries, transitional housing, and outreach centers.

   Dee has many decluttering “mantras” – like “keep your best and your favorite” and "keep like things together." These mantra mindsets make reducing your collection of 100 frogs much easier, because you can keep one or two of them. She reminds us that the memories of loved ones live in our hearts, not in the objects they have left behind. 

   Dee is able to envision a bedroom, workspace, closet, garage, or bathroom as a functional space, neatly organized and leaves clients with a renewed sense of relief and purpose. Through this process, people are finally able to set and meet goals.

   Dee has a degree in Journalism/News Communication from the University of Oklahoma and is a certified Lay Counselor and Life Coach. She has three grown children, one son-in-law and three cats. Dee lives in Bixby, OK and serves the greater Tulsa metro area.

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