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Dee Selby is a professional organizer with experience in life coaching, teaching, writing, editing, graphic design, marketing, and public relations. She started Dee’s Downsize and Declutter in June 2017 with a goal of helping people have a more peaceful and productive living and working environment.

She is ready to help individuals and small businesses with organization, time management and goal setting. Her clients can maximize existing space, repurpose rooms, handle clutter, and get organized! Dee’s Downsize and Declutter helps you get past “overwhelmed!”

Dee has a degree in Journalism/News Communication and training in Life Coaching and Lay Counseling.


Organizing Services

  • Downsizing / Upsizing

  • Repurposing Space

  • Decluttering

  • Inventory

  • Virtual Asssistant/Organization

  • Whiteboard Coaching

  • Time Management

  • Organizational and Productivity Coaching

  • Home Management Systems

  • On-Site Organization, Home

  • On-Site Organization, Office

  • House Sitting

  • Pet Sitting

what people SAY

Dee is such a precious and beautiful spirit! Just having her in my home was a burst of energy and sunshine! Hire. Her. She’s wonderful at what she does!!! Organization to the maximum.

MC, Tulsa


Dee is AMAZING. Not only does she have a plan of systematically attacking the project, she is also a very conscious and sympathetic counsel. She understands the emotional connections people have with their “stuff” and how so many people have to come to terms and truly grieve the loss of their stuff to which they have made emotional ties. Savvy, savvy lady.

DK, Jenks


After moving into temporary housing I needed an organized office. Dee helped me tackle a mess and make sense of organizing things. Just getting it started has me motivated me to get the paperwork done.

JN, Tulsa


Dee has brought a delightful peace and order to our home, and I'm not overstating that in the least! After just 2 sessions, cluttered corners and spaces that have been hanging over my head for years (years!) have begun to take shape. Joy! Thank you Dee

CS, Tulsa


Dee helped me for two hours and it was a painless and productive process! I am officially "unstuck". Dee is kind and helps you determine the future state of your stuff. It was a freeing journey!

BW, Broken Arrow, OK

Dee Selby, Professional Organizer


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