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Part 4: A Mind Map and your To-Do List

A Mind Map is a great way to get your ideas mapped out without having to stick to a linear list. This is a fantastic way for visual thinkers and creative types to organize tasks.

What Is a Mind Map?

A mind map is like a visual adventure for your thoughts. It starts with a central idea (the “trunk” of the tree), and then branches out into related concepts (like the branches and leaves).

Here’s how it works:

·        Begin with your main task or topic in the center of the page, like “Goals This Week.”

·        Draw lines outward from the central idea, with each new goal relating to a different topic or area of life.

·        If needed, create additional branches off the main branches to break down tasks further.


Personal Organization and Goal Setting:

·        Pick a time frame for completion of this set of tasks or goals.

·        Group Related Ideas: Look for common themes or connections between your tasks and group them together on your mind map.

·        Use arrows or dotted lines to show how concepts connect to each other.

·        Color-Code with highlighters or color pencils/pens to group related ideas using different colors.


I use mind maps to help visualize projects, plan presentations, and map out my 90-Day Goals. Remember, mind maps are flexible and adaptable. Whether you’re planning a project, organizing your day, or sparking creativity, mind mapping can revolutionize your approach to tasks!

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