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Paperwork! Vroom!

We are building your filing system by dividing paperwork into broader categories. Our goal is still a filing system that allows you to find things and file things easily. Each of the major categories will have its own set of subcategories. Don’t file documents if you need to take action on them or if you’re waiting for more information. These items go in your Action Items folder or your Working & Waiting folder.

You should already have your file box/crate and hanging folders full of documents to divide into subcategories.

· Money

· Medical

· Auto

· Insurance

· Banking & Investments

· Misc.

By now you’ve accumulated enough in a hanging file folder to merit greater division, even though you may still have lots of 6–8-inch stacks to sort through. We’ve tackled Money and Medical – now let’s create a working Auto category with subfolders. Gather your paper sorter, stapler, paper clips, and binder clips if you’ve got them.

You will need a folder for every automobile for which you have documents. If you have boats, RVs, sport/utility vehicles, etc., this is a great place to store and track registration and repairs. Auto Insurance coverage documents (including those annual booklets) will be filed with Insurance, so if you come across those documents here, just drop them in the Insurance folder. You should decide whether you want Insurance identification cards in Insurance or Auto and keep them in their own folder.

Depending on the number of documents per vehicle, you can just lump all registration and repair documents together. If you have more than 20-25 documents, divide into subfolders for Registration and Repair/Maintenance.

Registration documents might be used for tax purposes (you pay the state for a tag every year) so a chronological filing is preferred if you want to get uber organized. Paperclip old registrations together and leave the current one loose in the file. Seriously though, how many years are you going to keep ANY vehicle? If you’re comfortable just lumping them together do so with my blessing.

You might need an Auto Misc. folder for other odd bits. Service contracts or AAA documents can be filed here or in separate folders in the Auto category.

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