take control of YOUR STUFF.

Dee’s Declutter helps people in transition, particularly those who are moving, relocating, and downsizing.


Households and businesses tend to accumulate items that have lost their usefulness – our service helps clear that accumulation through organizing, archiving, and eliminating.

We begin the process with a strategy session where we talk about what you want to accomplish and how you can get there.

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Still saving Grandma’s quilt is a zippered plastic bag or a box in a closet somewhere? Life is too short to stash our treasures in boxes and bags when they were created to bring joy! If you love that quilt, use it or display it!

Downsizing and decluttering can help you discover what you truly love, and help you say goodbye to what no longer has a place in your heart.

take back YOUR SPACE.

When a drawer, closet, cabinet, or flat surface is crowded, even with useful items, it creates its own atmosphere of discomfort – like clothes that are too tight, a mind busy with unreasonable deadlines, or nagging doubts of forgotten promises. Sometimes the answer is not just organizing. Sometimes you have to reclaim your space by archiving or eliminating the excess. When everything has an uncrowded space to reside, you don’t feel the need to keep it out in the open so you can find it!

Highly recommend Dee’s services! She came to my place and worked with me on decluttering and organizing my home office. What impressed me the most is, how she spends the first part learning my work patterns and organizational style. So, she’s not fitting her style into mine, but working with my patterns. This relieved me because I knew whatever she taught me about organizing and decluttering, could not only be replicable but maintained on a daily basis.

After two hours, I had two trash bags full of things I didn’t need, a basket of items to give away, and an office better organized and functional. It’s definitely much easier to maintain order and I have a sense of relief that I can keep on top of my papers, books, and office supplies. The result? Better productivity! Thus definitely worth the investment into her services! Thanks Dee Selby for giving me peace of mind when I walk into my office!

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Dee Selby, Professional Organizer



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